Guest Passes


Cesar Chavez is a closed campus. Students will only be released from school to their parent, legal guardian, or the emergency contact individuals listed on the student's emergency card. Students will only be released to a listed responsible party when he/she is present in the office to sign the student out and present a valid ID. Students returning to school after an appointment must check in at the office before going to class. Students leaving campus without permission are subject to disciplinary action.


Parents are seen as partners in education with the school and are encouraged to participate in their child’s education. Requests to observe classrooms that their child is enrolled in are welcome. To visit the campus and classrooms please give reasonable notice. All visitors, including parents, MUST check into the office first to ensure safety. Students or friends from other schools are NOT allowed to visit Cesar Chavez while school is in session. Individuals entering campus without permission may be subject to arrest for trespassing.