Attendance Procedures



Daily attendance is essential in promoting student success in school. Student absences are closely monitored and parents are contacted for all un-cleared absences. Absences can have a negative impact on a student's academic performance, promotion/retention and graduation status. To participate in after school or extra-curricular activities, students MUST be in attendance on the day of the activity.


Daily attendance and punctuality is expected from each student. PARENTS MUST VERIFY ABSENCES BY PHONE OR WRITTEN NOTICE WHEN A STUDENT IS ABSENT. Instructional time is a precious resource. To maximize instructional time, you are expected to arrive to all classes before the tardy bell rings. We view chronic tardiness as a serious problem. Students will receive a detention for the 3rd, 5th and 6th tardies with suspension on the 7th tardy. There is a progressive sequence of school consequences after that point. There are no exceptions. Parents will be notified and asked for support in ensuring students are making maximum use of class time by being punctual to all classes.


● Teachers will stand at their door to greet students while supervising the hall and their class.
● Teachers will begin instruction when the bell rings.
● Students will be considered on time if they are in their seats ready to learn when bell rings.
● Teachers will not give out hall passes during the first 10 minutes of each class unless it is an emergency.
● Yard supervisors and administration will supervise during passing periods and assign appropriate discipline.
● Classes can earn positive rewards for everyone being present and on time for 5 & 10 days.
● Perfect Attendance Award Certificates will be given out each quarter.

Progressive Sequence of consequences for tardiness:
1st Tardy Student verbally warned and reminded importance of critical instructional minutes
2nd Tardy Student verbally warned and reminded importance of critical instructional minutes
3rd Tardy Student is assigned 30 minute detention with referral sent home.
4thTardy Student is put on attendance contract and contract is sent home.
5th Tardy Student is assigned 30 minute detention and family is contacted by admin. 6th Tardy Student is assigned 1 hour detention and the student’s parents will have a meeting with admin to discuss excessive tardiness.
7th Tardy Student is assigned suspension for defiance.


Students absent without a valid excuse (doctor, dentist, funeral, or court) for MORE THAN THREE DAYS in a row shall be classified as TRUANT. Students who are tardy by THIRTY (30) MINUTES OR MORE on four school days will be reported to the CUSD Supervisor of Attendance & Child Welfare. Any tardy of thirty minutes (30) or longer beyond the fourth tardy will deem the student truant thereafter. Parents will be notified when their child is considered truant. Habitual truancy will be referred to the district School Attendance and Review Board (SARB). A site administrator may also refer a habitually truant individual to Ceres Police Department. Ceres PD may cite the truant into the Juvenile Diversion Program. An elective absence which was not approved in advance by the parent, legal guardian, or the appropriate school official, or leaving campus during the school day without checking out through the attendance office will also be considered TRUANCY. Students will be assigned progressive consequences up to home suspension for skipping school, cutting class, or leaving campus without permission.